Visit by the Secretary of State for Education to Elstree UTC 3 July 2014

Visit by the Secretary of State for Education to Elstree UTC 3 July 2014

On Thursday 3 July The Elstree UTC had a visit from the Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove. On his tour of The Elstree UTC he took part in a maths lesson, had a lighting demonstration, watched the Brain Injury is B.I.G charity film and got to see a MOBO shoot in action. Continue reading

Cynikal’s MOBO Live Series Episodes – Exclusive Launch

We are delighted to share with you the very first MOBO Live Series featuring Cynikal.

Our team of students undertook all roles including the lighting design, set design, front of house, sound recording and they were the exclusive film crew.

Our mantra here is that our student productions must reach the highest professional standards, we hope you’ll agree our students are fast becoming pros. We do hope we have done justice to the very talented force that Cynikal.

Brain Injury is B.I.G Charity video

“The students dealt with a very difficult subject with sensitivity and kindness and their professionalism and attention to detail throughout the day was impressive.  Nothing could have prepared us for actually watching the film though, it was truly inspirational and moving, a work which showed off their individual talents and left us in no doubt that these students are a real credit to the Elstree UTC.”

Judy Taylor, Brain Injury is B.I.G Charity

Technology + Creativity = Magic 

Embracing the Science of Art and the Art of Science, the Elstree UTC is a groundbreaking learning environment for students aged 14 to 19. Through a blend of academic rigour, project based learning and industry partnership; Elstree UTC will grow tomorrow’s creative technologists.

The Elstree UTC from The Elstree UTC on Vimeo.