The Elstree University Technical College is about magic.

Not tricks or illusions or slight of hand, but the kind of magic in the imagination.

This is the magic to conceive an idea and to manifest that idea creatively; to innovate, make and learn.

Welcome to Elstree UTC.

As a University Technical College, we specialise in behind the scenes multimedia and technical arts. Our curriculum is designed to ensure strong foundations in fundamental academic subjects and build on these with vocational, expressive and industry relevant studies.

We support our taught curriculum with our extended projects offer. Our industry partners, along with our own media production company provides opportunities for students to experience working in the technical arts and culture industry.

Our vision is to combine technical expertise with insightful creativity, to bring together the joys of academic rigour and aesthetic learning. We have three sponsors helping us to achieve this:

  • The Meller Educational Trust (MET)
    We are part of a small family of schools and colleges supported by the MET who work with us, ensuring the highest standards of teaching and learning in order to produce the best possible outcomes for EUTC students.
  • Elstree Studios
    Some of the most successful Television and Film productions in the world are made at Elstree Studios. They advise us on the needs and standards required of the industry we serve.
  • University of Hertfordshire
    UH is one of the top 100 universities in the world. They are able to support students as they move forwards into further studies and developing careers.