the school day

EUTC opens to students at 7.30am and our SilverScreen Cafe will be serving breakfast from around 8.15am.  The college closes at 6pm unless there is a prearranged event or project.

Regardless of when the taught curriculum ends each day, students are welcome and encouraged to make use of our facilities and continue working until we close.  Students can also book appointments with staff in advance for Monday - Thursday between 4pm and 5pm if they would like any further support.

Lessons begin at 9am everyday.

On Mondays our taught curriculum runs until 3.50pm.

On Tuesdays, the taught curriculum ends at 2.55pm and we begin our technical training workshops and enrichment programme.  These workshops are meaningful sessions training our students in skills relevant to our specialist industries such as podcasting, camera operation, editing, graphic design skills, sound for TV, model making and more.  If students wish to be selected for work experience or industry projects, they will need to have completed skills workshops.

On Wednesdays, our taught curriculum runs until 3.50pm.

On Thursdays, the taught curriculum finishes at 2.55pm to allow for staff training but we will also offer intervention sessions at this time as required

On Friday, our taught curriculum runs until 2.55pm