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a.i.r. workshops & opportunities


Andrew Mallen is the Artist in Residence at EUTC.

"It is, and continues to be, a great and edifying pleasure to share my experiences of work whilst also learning collaboratively with the extraordinary students of EUTC. Developing and maintaining a career in the performing arts has changed and is changing still before our eyes. Students of today must not only develop the emotional strength, and habits of hard work, that have always been required in the business, but must also foster a ‘combined’ approach across the disciplines. Flexibility in approach, an open mind, the ability to create work ,in believing it into existence, are essential in making a career. My focus at the school is primarily about developing  ‘skill’ through practice. Skill, in my view, is the true drive of industry and, once developed and maintained, allows individuals their voice in this changing landscape."

Career highlights include:

  • 1st class degree from The Royal Central school of Speech and drama
  • Musical director for ‘The Holocaust memorial foundation
  • Senior acting tutor at ‘Youth enriching sight and sound’
  • Director and actor for multiple touring Shakespeare Companies
  • Performance artist, host and stand up comedy at festivals across the country.
  • Published songwriter for top european bands ‘Take me Home’ The rambling wheels, The Velvet Hearts and Videoboy,
  • Session musician for industry artists: Nick Heyward, Yusuf Blayachi and Claudia Morris among others.
  • Sessions at Reading, Glastonbury, Isle of wight festivals
  • Musical director of numerous Celebrity musicals

what are 'a.i.r.' workshops & opportunities

Our 'A.I.R' programme makes up half of our extended curriculum programme at EUTC, alongside the Projects & Partnerships Department. The 'A.I.R' offers students a variety of opportunities to train with an experienced industry veteran in performance disciplines such as Acting, Music Performance and Singing.

Our industry link at Sally King Casting has often been exercised via our 'A.I.R.' to secure students roles in features and short films such as Joe Wright's 'PAN'.


acting for industry

These classes, which run twice a week, explore the process and practice of working in the professional theatre, film and TV industry.

These intensive workshops seek to develop the connection and relationship necessary between actors and the technology that supports them. Here, the acting essentials of movement, voice and understanding of text are fused with exploration of camera angles and types of shot. Area's covered are: Developing your voice and body, Developing connection and spontaneity, Imagination and creativity, control of the space, group exercises, drama games and improvisation, a range of approaches to acting technique, working with camera and directors.


singing lessons


During the course you will learn to control your voice. Lessons will give you practical exercises to help you gain confidence using a varied repertoire - from pop to musical theatre to jazz and soul. Course content will include: Improving your vocal range and developing a secure breathing technique through a series of varied vocal exercises. Developing body awareness through focus on posture and alignment. Learning to sing in harmony as a group and developing an understanding of the vocal mechanism. Learning how to achieve a good quality vocal performance while using your voice in a safe and healthy manner Exploring a wide range of songs and performing a broad repertoire including Pop, Jazz, Folk and Musical Theatre.


instrument lessons

Instrumental Music Lessons: voice, piano and guitar lessons are offered by the school. These are valuable opportunities to develop skills which can a lifetime of joy and entertainment.

Lessons are at £150 per 10 lessons.


harmonix choir

‘The EUTC Choir ‘Harmonix’ is our exciting and dynamic contemporary choir, ready to perform in a variety of contexts both in school and in the wider community / industry. Choir is available to all students from all year groups, all levels of ability and non music students.