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This course considers UK society today.  We look at: 
• Sociological ideas and theories such as Marxism and Functionalism
• Cultural perspectives such as feminism, postmodernity and subcultural resistance
• The methods and design of research used to obtain socilogical data and analyse this


what is sociology?

Students explore the following two core themes across all areas of study:
• socialisation, culture and identity
• social differentiation, power and stratification.

We look at these themes across key areas of study including:
• Education
• Families and Households
• The Media
• Crime and Deviance


key stage 5

Two year course through Year 12 and year 13

 A Level Sociology (AQA)

4.1 Education with Theory and Methods
4.2 Topics in Sociology

4.2.1 Culture and Identity
4.2.2 Families and Households
4.2.7 The Media
4.2.8 Stratification and Differentiation
4.3 Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods


industry links

The course leader is a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).  EUTC structure the course to include a legitimate reseach project which is conducted and submitted for publishing in order to teach students about research methods in context in a project-based way.