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Visual Arts at Elstree UTC offers students the chance to study the ever-advancing creative skills and practices of the 21st century art entertainment industries. We also celebrate the rich history of the visual arts in order to teach students the practice of reflection and analysis. Students learn to develop ideas, thorugh the use of various tools and techniques to create Unique, personalised Artistic responses. 


what is photography?

Photography is a multi-disciplinary Arts subject with its origins in science, it is bound up in the history of technological innovations, from the invention of the Daguerreotype to the digital revolution. Each new technological breakthrough has shifted the way we see and represent the world photographically.

Photography is a democratic subject. Almost everyone is able to take a picture today and the sheer scale of photographic picture-making across the planet is overwhelming. Photography is therefore all around us. Students see numerous photographic images every day, many of which advertise products, services, lifestyles and ideologies. Being aware of the ways in which they are being manipulated, what might be called the visual literacy argument, seems even more important.


key stage 4

SpecificationAQA Art and Design: Photography

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Year/Course Code: AQA GCSE Art and Design 8206

Use light sensitive materials such and photographic film or digital cameras to create static or moving images. This is a GCSE that uses photography as an artistic medium and you will learn how to develop your own photographs and learn about other photographers. You will learn how to use photoshop as well as learning more traditional methods.

You will: Enjoy taking your own photographs, have an interest in other photographers, enjoy creating things, like experimenting, be willing to try new things.

Course Units and Description

Internal assignment. Fantastic and strange 60%. Externally set assignment 40%

Students will see art exhibitions, be able to work with artists and have the opportunity to exhibit their work in a public Gallery.


key stage 5

AQA A Level Art and Design: Photography

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AQA Art and Design: Photography 7206

The A level in photography builds on the skills you have developed in GCSE Art, Photography or Textiles. It is an advanced exploration of photography as a creative medium and you will develop your skills as a professional photographer.

You will: Have a passion for taking your own photographs, have a GCSE in a creative subject, have an interest in a career in the arts.

Independent investigation 60%. Externally set assignment. 40%

Students will see art exhibitions, be able to work with artists and have the opportunity to exhibit their work in a public Gallery. Students will be provided their own studio space which they can access during school hours. This course will prepare you for study on a foundation or undergraduate degree at university. Careers include working in film/media graphic design and advertising. You might want to become an artist/teacher or work in a gallery.