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The dance industry is an ever evolving platform for artists to channel their creativity and love to perform into structured movement. The exploration of social, historical, political and abstract ideas form the stimulus of a piece. It will then be developed through past and current practitioners who have found success within their methods.

Dance has been popular through the generations due to its accompaniment of music, allowing one to express emotion and intents that may not be vocalised. It has been used to make change as well as remember the past. When learning to dance you are gaining confidence, muscle memory and fitness, all relevant to your everyday life. At present day the dance industry is more prominent than ever, with more jobs needing to be filled and a wide option of dance training, its a perfect way to balance creativity, health and culture.


what is dance?

When learning various styles of dance, from ballet to commercial, you not only improve your technique, but also your own movemnet vocabulary. These factors contribute to your perfromance sklis and desires. Dance will enable you to learn about how to disapline your body to perform and create movement. In Dance it is fundimental that you train in multiple styles, and that is a key factor of the Dance training at the College. You will train in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Commercial. Additional to this choreography will run throughout the course. 

As well as practical classes you will also have elements of theory. In theory classes you'll develop you dance apprieciation and analysis skills, looking at both your own work and established professional practitioners. 


key stage 4

Two year course through Year 10 and Year 11

BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance)

Componant 1: Exploring Performing Arts
Componant 2: Developing Skills and Techniques
Component 3 : Performing to a brief 


key stage 5

Two year course through Year 12 and year 13

BTEC Extended Certificate in Performing Arts (Dance) 

Unit 1: Ivestigating professional practitioners
Unit 2: Developing skills and techniques for a live performance
Unit 3: Group performance workshop
Unit 12: Contemporary dance techniques or Unit 11: Jazz dance techniques


industry links

There are oppitunities to take part in workshops with working professionals. Students take part in full length performances in different styles, usually 3 performances a year. Residential trips to places such as New York. Many trips to see live dance performances. 

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