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performing arts:
triple threat

The professional performer requires time and dedication to training, developing and improving the tools of the trade. For actors, dancers and singers, the ‘tools’ are the body, the voice and the creative and intellectual skills needed to interpret the performance material to communicate with and entertain an audience. Employment opportunities in performing arts often require the performer to demonstrate skills in more than one style, for example the ability to perform in classical texts or repertoire as well as contemporary works. Training, development and practice of skills are lifelong commitments, enabling the performer to respond to the demands of rehearsals and performances with commitment, imagination and accuracy. 


what is
performing arts:
triple threat?

Performing Arts: Triple Threat is the combination of Acting, Singing and Dancing. Students will train in all three disciplines to be create a rounded performer which is required for the major Performing Art Colleges and University. You will take part in large and small scale performances, which will link to many different performance styles and techniques.


key stage 5

Diploma in Performing Arts (this can only be taken if a student is on BTEC Acting/Dance)

Unit4: Performing Arts in the Community
Unit 5: Individual Showcase Commision
Unit 6: Final Live Performance
Unit 27: Musical Theatre Techniques