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film studies

The new GCSE, accredited by Eduqas, is an exciting opportunity for students to study a range of films from a variety of contexts that is designed to challenge and excite learners into understanding one of the fastest developing industries in todays global society.  The study of Hollywood Cinema, UK Cinema and Global Cinema is integral to the appreciation of film form.  There is then an opportunity for each learner to use their knowledge and understanding from the new specification to enhance their practical skills and make a short film as part of their NEA (non-examined assessment)


what is
film studies?

The study of film form through the appreciation of aesthetics (cinematography, mise-en-scene, editing and sound), narrative, genre and style.  The study is furthered through the study of Hollywood films from two eras, the exploration of global cinema and then the study of a British film released.  Film also helps you understand the changes in technology, context and trends that will impact on the organisations that produce and distribute the films and the audiences that will be the key consumers. (In Key Stage 5 you will also study documentary, short film and experimental film)


key stage 4

Two year course through Year 10 and Year 11

Eduqas GCSE (9-1) Film Studies

Component 1 - Key Developments in US Film
Component 2 - Global Film
Component 3 - Non-Examined Assessment


key stage 5

Two year linear course through Year 12 and Year 13

Eduqas GCE Film Studies

Component 1 - Variet of film and Filmmaking
Component 2 - Global Film
Component 3 - Non-Examined Assessment