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media studies

We are living in a society now saturated with media consumption.  You cannot escape new forms of consuming television, film, music and news through multiple platforms of technology.  The changing nature of our society requires a greater appreciation and understanding of the meaning embedded in media products.  The opportunity to learn about organisations involved in the production of media products and how they target particular audiences is key to developing learners with a sense of enquiry, ready to make their way into the rapidly-changing world that we are experiencing.


What are media studies?

Media Studies is the understanding of meaning through the analysis and research of media products and how this will impact on the audience and organisation that makes them.  There is an appreciation of the multiple sectors of the industry including television, advertising, newspapers, radio, video gaming, magazines, film promotion, online marketing and music videos.  The UAL course in Key Stage 5 focuses on the practical application and development of skills through project-based work to prepare learners for moving into the industry.


key stage 4

Two year course through Year 10 and Year 11

Eduqas GCSE (9-1) Media Studies

Component 1: Exploring The Media
Component 2: Understanding Media Forms and Products
Component 3: Non-Examined Assessment


key stage 5

Two year 'double-block' course through Year 12 and Year 13

Level 3 Diploma (and Extended Diploma) in Creative Media Production & Technology


industry links

Media Studies can be a spring board to multiple professions in the creative industries. There are practical careers ranging from camera-operators, set-designers, editors, sound designers, researchers, warddrobe and make-up. There are more logistic and administrative careers such as publicity, advertising, events, marketing, social-media co-ordination, HR, finance, production management, producing and screen-writing. The final area of career development combines both elements and includes directing, photography, cinematography, animation and of course acting/performing.