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production & sfx makeup

This course is the foundation of Theatrical Make Up.  Being able to make someone look decades younger or older than they are, creating horror, glamour, creatures and characters are just some of the skills that this course will enable you to develop.  Without a strong Make Up Department, performance would not have that sparkle and this is the course that makes that happen. 


what is production & sfx makeup?

Throughout this course you will develop your skills as a Make Up Designer and the ability to work in a large team in a professional environment. 


key stage 4

In the Key Stage 4 course you will begin to explore how the world of Production Make Up works in Film and Theatre.  You will develop some key skills in a number of areas of the Production Make Up and develop your specialism. 

BTEC 1/2 First Award in Performing Arts - Production Arts Makeup

Unit 1: Individual Showcase - This is an Externally Assessed unit which focuses on your design and employability skills.  You will be required to create a design for your specialist area in response to a given stimulus.  You will also need to write a Letter of Application for a position within the Theatrical Make Up industry.

Unit 2: Preparation, Performance and Production - In the second year of the course, you will explore the range of skills that are required by a Make Up Artist on a number of projects that will demonstrate your skills.  You will be able to design and create a full piece with justifications worthy of the industry. 

Unit 7: Production Skills for Performance - In this unit you will explore how the industry works and the skills required from a Make Up Artist.  You will explore the styles in which make up can be used across TV, Theatre and Film, and reflect on your progress.


key stage 5

Two year linear course through Year 12 and Year 13

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Production Arts

Unit 93 Make-up Application Skills and Creative Uses in Performance, Unit 2 Production Arts Workshop, Unit 97 Period Makeup, Unit 92: Make-up for Performers, Unit 95: Special Effects Make-up, Unit 94 Full Body Makeup for Performers and Unit 100: Hair Styling and Dressing for Performers.

YEAR 12: Unit 93 Make-up Application Skills and Creative Uses in Performance - You start from the very beginning, learning your craft in makeup and testing and trying different techniques to an industry standard for both Film and Theatre. Unit 2 Production Arts Workshop - This unit emphasises the importance of the interrelation of design, administrative and technical elements within a performing arts project. It does this by encouraging learners to work across production, design and technical disciplines such as lighting, sound, costume, setting, stage management, makeup and props. Unit 97 Period Makeup - In this unit learners will design and create period make-up for the stage and screen. Learners will do this by studying and developing the skills required and through creating period make-ups from the initial planning stages to their implementation.

YEAR 13: Unit 92: Make-up for Performers - This unit is about developing skills in the use and application of make-up for performers. You will work on a live in house show and get to be part of the magic! Unit 95: Special Effects Make-up - This unit is about creating special effects make-up for the world of stage and screen; learners will be able to produce designs for and realise special effects make-up on performers to a Film and Theatre industry standard. 

NEW FOR 2017! We now offer an extra unit for a chance to add to your skills! You are able to take either (or both) Unit 94 Full Body Makeup for Performers and Unit 100: Hair Styling and Dressing for Performers. Unit 100: Hair Styling and Dressing for Performers - The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ knowledge and skills in the design, styling and dressing of a performer’s hair to provide an appropriate appearance for a designated production. Learners will develop the skills and techniques required to transform a performer’s hair into the look of a character or role. Unit 94: Full Body Make-up for Performers - This unit will enable learners to develop skills in the design and application of full body make-up for performers to an industry standard.