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post-16 at eutc


EUTC Post-16 aspires to develop students as versatile, independent learners with the drive for, and understanding of, what it takes to succeed in the future workplace.

In order to achieve this goal we are looking for highly motivated students with a passion for the creative arts industries, in return we offer a wide range of courses and project enriched learning suited for students pursuing these career paths. We encourage all our post-16 students to engage with enrichment through Projects and/or EPQ's. As well as this we expect students to take three subjects across the school. This will provide students with a suitable CV to compete for positions which are highly sought after.


Subject areas


option blocks

In order to be considered for a place at Elstree UTC we require all students to achieve 5 A*-C grade GCSE or equivalent (including English and Maths). We also require students to achieve a B grade or higher in the area they wish to study.

Below is a map of our Draft blocks for 2019-20 These may continue to change a little but the structure is a good indication of availability.

Courses in YELLOW are subject to minimum student sign-ups. 

You can choose 3 subject blocks. If the subject you choose is across two blocks it is worth 1.5-2 A levels (UCAS points and time allocation). Successful applicants receive the opportunity to give use a 'course choice in principle' in January.  Use the more info button in the diagram for some helpful info. 

In addition to our courses, we run a range of certificated extra curricular projects that we are currently structuring for the next years timetable. Learners can build a stunning portfolio beyond their core academics in a structure that prepares them for work or higher education.