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This exciting and relevant course studies geography in a balanced framework of physical and human themes and investigates the link between them. Students will travel the world from their classroom, exploring case studies in the United Kingdom (UK), higher income countries (HICs), newly emerging economies (NEEs) and lower income countries (LICs). Topics of study include climate change, poverty, deprivation, global shifts in economic power and the challenge of sustainable resource use. Students are also encouraged to understand their role in society, by considering different viewpoints, values and attitudes.


what is

The study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution of populations and resources and political and economic activities. Geography is unique because is the most basic yet an essential science. Geography is a field that has been created through people's curiosity about our environment and the atmosphere in the rest of the world.


key stage 4

Two year course through Year 10 and Year 11

AQA Geography

Paper 1: Living with the physical environment
Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment
Paper 3: Geographical applications and skills


industry links

There is no such thing as a geography job; rather there are multiple jobs that geographers do, including: town and transport planning, chartered surveying, land and water management, sustainability, tourism, conservation, environmental consultancy, demography, housing and social welfare. Transferable skills linked to careers: information, administration and management, financial sector, marketing research, industry and manufacturing. Careers in research: PHd or masters or Teaching (PGCE)