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These courses develop skills that are highly-valued by further education institutions and potential employers. We hope to develop a love of reading in students, particularly as research has proved beyond doubt that readers are generally more successful than non-readers in many areas of life and work.


what is english?

English Language comprises the study of reading and writing. Students develop their skills of reading a range of materials and writing for different purposes. There is an oral assessment but this does not constitute a part of students' final grades. English Literature comprises the study of Shakespeare, a 19th century novel, a modern play and a selection of poetry.


key stage 4

Two year course through Year 10 and Year 11

BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts (Dance)

Componant 1: Exploring Performing Arts
Componant 2: Developing Skills and Techniques
Component 3 : Performing to a brief 


key stage 5

Two year course through Year 12 and year 13

BTEC Extended Certificate in Performing Arts (Dance) 

Unit 1: Ivestigating professional practitioners
Unit 2: Developing skills and techniques for a live performance
Unit 3: Group performance workshop
Unit 12: Contemporary dance techniques or Unit 11: Jazz dance techniques


industry links

There are oppitunities to take part in workshops with working professionals. Students take part in full length performances in different styles, usually 3 performances a year. Residential trips to places such as New York. Many trips to see live dance performances.