Elstree UTC is looking to develop highly passionate students that have a desire to work within the technical and creative specialisms we offer. We have crafted a curriculum that is about building skilled individuals who can offer a range of specialist techniques alongside a strong academic ability. Core studies in English, Maths and Science provide our KS4 students with a platform to excel in the option subjects and to create fully rounded learners. The curriculum is split into 4 faculty groups. Care has been taken to provide options that encourage learners development in a range of disciplines, preparing them for post 16 study.  

We provide a mature learning environment where students are asked to be responsible, respectful and resilient learners. It is essential that students understand the work ethic that will enable them to succeed in a highly competitive industry.  Students who make the choice to come to Elstree will have experience working in the industry already or have shown an aspiration though extra-curricular activities.

Below is an outline of the curriculum and option blocks, please note this is for guidance, we will start collecting course expressions of interest from applicants in January. Our blocking responds this data and options may need to change.

Core (5 hours per subject):  Mathematics, English Literature and Language, sciences

Options - (3 hours per week): Learners select one from each block.  

Block 1Block 2Block 3Block 4
Production Technology (lights,sound,set,props) (Btec)Music (Btec)Photography (GCSE)Computing Technology/ ICT (GCSE/Btec)
Make up (Btec)Film (GCSE)Art (GCSE)
Drama (GCSE)Dance (tech level)Graphic design (GCSE)Geography (GCSE)


PSHE/Critique and PE are 1 each hour per week. 

Our specialism is also enhanced by a focused projects team that works with internal and external projects. It is an expectation that learners will be involved with some extra curricular projects and clubs.