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production arts:

The Production Arts is the magic behind the scenes.  Whether it be film, TV or Theatre the Production Arts is there.  We explore a range of areas within the subject from Theatrical Lighting to Stage Design  The Production Arts department work on all of the shows throughout the college year and closely with the Projects & Partnerships team to deliver professional standard rigs for TV and Film.  

If you want to be the driving force behind the magic on stage and screen, this is the course for you... 

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what is
production arts?

Throughout this course you will develop your skills as a Lighting, Sound, Set and Props designer.

Production arts practitioners have the imagination and creativity to transport an audience into another world. It’s important to understand how they do this successfully as it allows you to develop your own professional practice and understanding of features such as response to a script, venue, genre and purpose. In this course, you will investigate the work of influential production art practitioners. You will identify the factors that make them successful, as well as how the wider production team and other factors may influence their work. You will critically analyse key information such as methods of communicating creative intentions, technical aspects and processes used, production values and repertoire in order to develop and communicate independent judgements. This course will support your progression to higher education by developing your research, critical analysis and extended-writing skills. As a production arts practitioner you will need a good understanding of the work of influential practitioners to inform your own work and professional practice.


key stage 4

In the Key Stage 4 course you will begin to explore how the world of Production Arts works in Film and Theatre. You will develop some key skills in a number of areas of the Production Arts and develop your specialism.

BTEC 1/2 First Award in Performing Arts - Production
Students in Key Stage 4 Production Arts will learn new skills in Lighting, Sound & Set Design.

Unit 1: Individual Showcase - This is an Externally Assessed unit which focuses on your design and employability skills. You will be required to create a design for your specialist area in response to a give stimulus. You will also need to write a Letter of Application for a position within the Production Arts industry.

Unit 2: Preparation, Performance and Production - In the second year of the course, you will work in a team to create a micro-performance and manage all aspects of it. You will need to select your role and work as a designer, technician or manager. The unit is assessed through the work that you and your team produce and the quality of the final project.

Unit 7: Production Skills for Performance - In this unit you will explore how the industry works and the skills required from a number of roles. You will develop your capabilities in Light, Sound, Set and Props. This is the largest unit of the course and is 50% of the qualification.


key stage 5

In the Key Stage 5 course students will study for 12 hours a week a range of topics within the Production Arts that develop skills learnt in a range of KS4 subjects including Production Technology, Drama, DT, Music Technology and more.  The students will work as a production company throughout their course and manage every aspect of small to large scale performances.  KS5 students are also given the opportunity to rig and operate technical equipment for many of our Industry and Professional shoots in conjunction with our Projects & Partnerships team. 

UAL Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Performing & Production Arts

Year 2

Unit 9 Developing performance and production skills
Unit 10 Preparing for progression
Unit 11 Exploration of specialist study and context
Unit 12 Extended Project 

Year 1

Unit 1 Principles of performance
Unit 2 Engaging with an audience
Unit 3 Introduction to professional practice
Unit 4 Critical and contextual awareness
Unit 5 Production skills and context
Unit 6 Performance skills and context
Unit 7 Preparation for specialist study
Unit 8 Collaborative performance project


industry links

The Production Arts department has good links with a number external partners which offer many opportunites for work experience and internships. We visit PLASA and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in the first term to develop both industry and acadmeic pathway opportunities for students. We have successfully placed students at RADA, RCSPD, LIPA, White Light Ltd, GSA and many more.