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app scripting and games design

Our courses in App Scripting and Games Design offers students a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of how computers work and to create programs for real-life purposes relating to their own personal interests.

Computer Science develops valuable programming and computational thinking skills, which are increasingly relevant to a wide variety of jobs. Industry requires young people with an understanding of computational principles that can be applied to a world with rapidly changing technologies.


what is computing,
app design and games design?

Computing is rapidly growing and of enormous importance to the economy. It crosses many industries, sciences and engineering. 

Computer science allows young people to develop skills that will enable
them to pursue a career in Computer Science and which will also help
them gain valuable skills for life - for example, in innovation, reasoning, logic,
resourcefulness, precision, problem solving and clarity. 

These skills will enable them to become authors of computational tools rather than simply users. 
As adults, they will be applying for jobs that have not yet been invented.

Technology changes but the principles and concepts upon which they are built remain constant.
 A good grounding in Computer Science will teach young people how to deal with change
later in life and play an active and effective role in the digital world.


key stage 4

Two year course through Year 10 and Year 11

GCSE Computer Science

Unit 1 - Understanding computer science | Theory
Unit 2 - Solving problems using computers | Programming
Unit 3 - Developing computing solutions | Controlled Assessment


key stage 5

Two year course through Year 12 and year 13

AQA Level 3 Tech Level

Students in Key Stage 5 have the choice between two courses.

The first, AQA Tech Level in Video Games Art & Mechanics focuses on the development and creation of 2D & 3D Computer Games. The course covers a range of skills including understanding the visual language of Game design , increasing their depth of their knowledge within art and design and improving the learner’s ability to use a range of media and techniques in order to communicate visually to different audiences. Learners will develop their business knowledge of the games industry, setting up and running a games business, working in a games industry and managing the production process of making games. Later in the course students are introduced the learners to the field of environment art, focusing on modelling and texturing principles and resulting in the creation of efficient/modular game-ready assets. Learners will gain practical skills in 3D modelling software such as Maya, 2D programs such as Photoshop.

The AQA Tech Level in Scripting and App Programming covers the necessary knowledge to understand the different hardware elements and how these contribute to a fully functioning computer system.  Students  will develop a range of programming skills required to develop high-quality applications for popular mobile devices across platforms.They will Design and build interactive websites and databases that professionally meet client and server-side needs.

AQA Tech Level in Scripting and App Programming

Unit 1: Fundamental Principles of Computing
Unit 2: Computer Programming
Unit 3: Website Technologies
Unit 4: Mobile Applications

AQA Tech Level in Video Games Art & Mechanics

Unit 1: Business for Video Games
Unit 3: 2D Games Art
Unit 5: 3D Environment Art
Unit 10: Games Mechanics


industry links

Every year, the Computer Science department partners with AppsForGood to offer our students the opportunity to enter the UK wide 'AppsForGood' competition. Our students were finalists in the first year and winners in the second year. The second year winning app 'Booksy' is currently being developed by our Year 13 students with help from Thomson, Spotify and Salesforce.

Our third year contestants recently visited Salesforce at The Gherkin in London as part of their Apps For Good preperation.