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Drama focuses on solidifying core performance and devising skills, using a knowledge of everything from Greek to contemporary theatre students explore a range of practitioners, plays and performance styles. Students participate in devising new works inspired by a set stimulus and learn to apply their practical and theoretical knowledge to justify their decisions. The subject culminates in a written exam that covers both Drama theory, live performance analysis and their own understanding of Drama practice. 


what is

The study of theatre, performance and creation. Drama focuses on answering the question, "What is it to be human?"  Drama is amongst the oldest art forms, used to speak to vast audiences, deliver tales of comedy and tragedy and allow the audience to experience catharsis. Drama develops performance and collaboration skills, self confidence, and provides students an oppurtunity to develop across many areas including acting, directing and designing.


key stage 4

GCSE Drama: Pearson Edexcel Drama Level 2

Component 1: Devising
Component 2: Performance from Text
Component 3: Makers in Practice (Exam)


key stage 5

BTEC L3 Performing Arts: Acting

Covering Practitioners, Devising, Acting Skills and Performing for an Audience.
Can be taken as a single Acting unit, or as the Acting component  to the Performing Arts Double.

AQA A Level Drama

Component 1: Written Exam, Drama and Theatre
Component 2: Creating Original Drama
Component 3: Making Theatre



industry links

Preparation for Performing Arts colleges and company auditions. Industry actors often visit for workshops and epics, allowing students to developed industry standard skills and knowledge.