Projects & Partnerships

The school’s links with industry and sponsors help students to gain suitable employment and sought after college places.
— Ofsted May 2017

Elstree UTC offers courses that support entertainment, film, television, theatre, arts and digital communication industries. These vibrant industries are facing an acute skills shortage.

The ethos of Elstree UTC is built around the excitement of the visual and creative arts and an enthusiasm for the supporting technologies. The aim is to equip students with the interpersonal and transferable skills to tackle the challenges of beginning a career in this industry and hands on industry experience that evidence those skills, giving them a foot in the door.

Our students aspire to acquire these skills and reach their career goals through their chosen academic curriculum as well as through the practical training offered by real world projects.

The Projects and Partnerships Faculty is responsible for delivering those real world projects in extended curricular time through skills based workshops, supporting and documenting school productions jointly with other faculties, and through EUTC Productions - a model production company through which professional briefs for film and media content are filled by students for clients and partners. The Projects and Partnerships Faculty aims to integrate professional briefs from partners into the curriculum offers and to enhance our academic offer and strengthen the bridge between teaching and learning and industry, better readying our students for vocational opportunities.