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After this years’ successful production ‘Macbeth’, Elstree University Technical College is honoured to return with a rendition of the spectacular and spine-chilling ‘Blackbox Theatre’ show ‘Lord of the Flies,’ from 26th-27th June 2018.

Produced by ‘EUTC Productions’, the show will see students’ perform a stage adaptation of William Golding’s allegorical 1954 novel, including bespoke set pieces, an original soundtrack, and direction from artist-in-residence, Andrew Mallen. General admission is £7 for adults and £4 for under 16s. Tickets can be bought at


A group of students’ from several British Public Schools find themselves stranded without adult supervision on a tropical island, following a traumatic plane crash. Set in the Cold war era of the late 60’s, the children are ripped away from their normality of everyday life and attempt to form a culture similar to the one they left behind.

Adhering closely to the source material, the incredibly talented actors separate into those who survive by maintaining social order and those who regress to savagery. The camp divides; Piggy (Tamsin Benn) represents the values imposed by civilisation and Jack (Myles Robinson) and his band of hunters give way to more primitive impulses, run rampage and turn murderous. The rest of the characters too, offer a feast for the eyes with their spell-binding performance.

Andrew Mallen, Artist-in-Residence said, ‘’At its heart,‘The Lord of the Flies’ is a harrowing exploration of the choices that human societies can make, their dominant ideas and the implications of their use. William Golding’s book is a stand alone literary classic and when interpreted for the stage, requires the full violence of imaginative theatre, to bring it to life. With this in mind our actors, set and sound designers, costume and prop makers  sought a process of representing the shadow that haunts the spirit of this great work. Drawing from a process of naturalism, and a profound investment in the message of the play, we are delighted to share with you our vision of our combined effort and love for this project’’

Following on from this, Jasmine Nuttall, an EUTC student who secured the role of ‘Piggy’ shared, "being selected for Lord of the Flies’ has been one of the most thrilling moments of my School acting career. With research and guidance from my Director, Mr Mallen, I was able to unravel this character and find similarities in myself, which helped immensely’’.


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