Dance BTEC

Edexcel Performing Arts - Dance BTEC (500/6919/6)
Subject Content

The unit will provide learners with a taste of the real world of the working dancer, one where individual strength of character, talent, technical ability, aesthetic sense, levels of fitness and stamina must be combined with a willingness to work cooperatively with other dancers, choreographers and directors.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:
1    Be able to participate effectively in practical dance workshops and rehearsals
2    Be able to perform dances demonstrating application of physical and interpretative skills
3    Be able to perform dances demonstrating the application of appropriate stylistic qualities
4    Understand how to improve dance for performance through evaluation and review.

Unit 38: Dance Performance
Unit 45: Developing Contemporary Dance Techniques
Unit 7: Performing to an audience
Unit 106: Marketing for the Performing Arts
Unit 43: Developing classic Ballet Techniques
Unit 47: Jazz Dance