Art and Design BTEC

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design

1 Qualification credit value: a minimum of 180 credits.
2 Minimum credit to be achieved at, or above, the level of the quali cation: 135 credits.
3 Mandatory unit credit: 50 credits.
4 Optional unit credit: 130 credits.
5 A maximum of 45 optional credits can come from other level 3 BTEC units to meet local needs.

Unit 1:Visual recordings in Art and Design (Mandatory)
Unit 2:Materials, techniques and processes in Art and Design (optional)
Unit 3:Ideas and concepts in Art and Design (optional)
Unit 4:Communication through Art and Design (optional)
Unit 32:Experimental imagery in Photography (optional)
Unit 80:Painting in Fine Art (optional)