UAL Diploma in Art and Design


We are excited to be able to offer the UAL in Art and design, a course that is based on project centred learning ethos, learners can focus the course on the mediums they are most interested in, this means that traditional artists will work along side photographers, textile and graphic artiest. Each having a personalised approach to learning. Our highly trained staff will develop students in line with interests. 

The qualification will be delivered through nine units. Units will vary in length to ensure that the qualification provides an appropriately supportive experience as students explore the diagnostic experience in preparation for further education or employment.

Diploma in Art & Design Mandatory units to be achieved:

Unit 1 Introduction to visual language in art and design

Unit 2 Introduction to research skills in art and design

Unit 3 Introduction to critical and contextual awareness in art and design

Unit 4 Introduction to materials, processes and technical skills in art and design

Unit 5 An integrated approach to 2D problem solving in art and design

Unit 6 An integrated approach to 3D problem solving in art and design

Unit 7 An integrated approach to time-based problem solving

Unit 8 Developing an art and design project

Unit 9 Opportunities for progression in art and design Extended Diploma in Art & Design