AQA A level Art and Design

Art, Craft and Design- A broad-based course exploring practical and critical/ contextual work through a range of 2D and/ or 3D processes. In both AS and A2 courses the Portfolio/Personal Investigation carries 60% of the total marks and the Controlled Assessment carries 40% of the total marks:

The skills you will develop will be varied. Among them, will be a working knowledge of materials, practices and technology within art. You will develop the skills to interpret and convey your ideas and feelings using art, craft and design. You will develop your imaginative and creative powers and your experimental, analytical and documenting skills.

Component 1: Portfolio of work  (96 marks, 60% of AS) No Time Limit
Component 2: Externally set Assignment Preparatory period + 15 hours supervised
96 marks, 40% of A level

Students will explore different approaches to recording images, such as observation, analysis, expression and imagination. They will examine conventions of figurative/representational and abstract/non-representational imagery or genres. Students will build on their existing skill base through different ways of working, such as using underpainting, glazing, wash and impasto and develop their understanding of pictorial space, composition, rhythm, scale and structure, colour, tone, texture, shape and form. They can work in any media from traditional drawing and painting to film, the emphasis of the course being on the creative development of the visual image.

The most important reason for choosing this course is enjoyment of the subject, and many pupils go on to complete art and design or architecture courses.

Jobs directly related to your Art study may include Art Therapist, Community Arts Worker, Fashion Designer, Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Print Maker, and Textile Designer.
Jobs where your course would be useful include Advertising Account Executive, Arts Administrator, Multimedia Specialist and Museum/Gallery Curator.