Programme: 18th - 20th December 2018



We are so proud to present to you Elstree UTC’s performance of Loserville.

Tonight you will be witnessing the collective effort of the performing and production arts, a project both crew and cast have worked tirelessly for months to create the best version of Elliot Davis and James Bourne’s Loserville.

This has been an amazing opportunity for all of us to work on and we greatly appreciate the continued support from the parents and staff, we wouldn’t be able to produce these productions without you.

Thank you for coming, I sincerely hope you enjoy the performance.

Robbie Gillard
Production Manager



We hope you enjoy this performance of Loserville, we are very excited to welcome you. Tonight there are around 100 hundred members of Cast and Crew working hard to produce an amazing production whilst still achieving coursework objectives. For many of them tonight will be counting towards the results they will achieve at Elstree University Technical College. We are proud to be able to offer students the opportunity to work in a professional theatrical environment which will help prepare them for higher education, apprenticeships and employment.

Lastly I would like to thank you for your support and for joining us here tonight and I look forward to inviting you back for future productions at Elstree University Technical College. Don’t forget to head over to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use #Loserville #MadeAtElstree. Please sit back and enjoy the show.

Lauren Phillips



Loserville is centred around 17-year-old Michael Dork, who is called a nerd, geek and slacker by others. Socially marginalised by the entire school and constantly picked on by Eddie, the coolest boy in school, Michael is desperate to find his ticket outta Loserville. But when stunning new girl Holly arrives, Michael is introduced to a whole new world of cool.

Over 100 students will be performing, producing, stage managing, crewing, rigging and hosting the event - all being assessed for their Production Technology or Performing Arts qualifications.



EUTC Sessions: ‘We Are Not Alone’

During the run-up to the show, the cast took some time out of their rehearsals to jump in to the EUTC Production Stage 2 and record one of the tracks from the show for the EUTC Sessions Live Lounge series.



The Cast

Stephen Josephides as Michael Dork

Shannah Heanue as Holly Manson

Tamsin Benn as Lucas Loyd

Stephanie New as Eddie Arch

Emily Leaver as Francis Wier

Tali Rinkoff / Jessica Taylor-Lacey as Marvin Camden

Billy Hill as Huey Phillips

Ella Green as Wayne Pagoda

Maddi Johnson as Leia Dawkins

Macey Hartland-Sandiford as Elaine Friend

Nicola Ioannou as Samantha Powden

Paddy Lish as Ivan

Abigail Ward as Marina 

Sophie Herrick / Jessica Taylor-Lacey as Convention Announcer

Dana Carlisle as Susie Alpine

Marcia Ngugi-Rattue as Davina Glen

Grace Shepard-Duffy as Lead Company With Solo

Courtney Barnard as Principal

Kasey Baterip as Student

The Ensemble

Jason Harris

Sophie Herrick

Xylia Johnson

Louis Knox

Molly Lane

Hollie Posner

Hanaka Smith

Libby Smith

Jack Steele

Tijana Uludag-Whyte

Raphaela Ajuwon

Daniel Angell

Lisa Dixon

Liberty Ewer

Alessandra Falbo

Melissa Faldes

Monica Faldes

Anya Fearon

Lauren Graham

Charlotte Wilson

The Band

Olivia Atkinson

Andrew Mallen

Harry Hosier-Beeson

Archie Zane

Lola Warman



The Production Team

Lauren Christy
Executive Producer

Lauren Phillips

Tom Golds
Techincal Producer

Olivia Atkinson
Musical Director

Adam Rose
Set and Props Director

Robbie Gillard
Production Manager

Taylor Boon
Deputy Production Manager

Felicity Chalaby
Assistant Production Manager

Mario Josephides
Stage Manager

Georgie Hastings
Deputy Stage Manager

Liam Begley
Assistant Stage Manager

Myles Robinson
Assistant Stage Manager

Andrew Flanagan
Technical Manager

Jake Kramer
Sound Designer

Luke Satterthwaite
Senior Sound Assistant

Louis Archer
Lighting Designer

Austin Choudhrey
Head of AV

Alex Dodwell
AV Assistant

Callum Tilly
AV Assistant

Daniel Vincent
AV Assistant

Skye Clarke
Front of House Manager

Matt Knight
Front of House



The Crew

Ben Brown
Junior Sound Assistant

Izumi Ban
Mic Technician

Aaron English
Mic Technician

Ezra Lewis
Mic Technician

Isla Morgan
Mic Technician

Celia Rolleston
Mic Technician

Adam Nicolaou
Lighting Assistant

Isabella De Arruda
Follow Spot Operator

Jasper Leigh
Follow Spot Operator

Amy Boucher
Back Stage Manager

Elliot Shepherd
Back Stage Manager

Rory Waller
Set Coordinator

Keshi Raghu

Alicia Tustain
Make Up Artist

Katie Webster
Make Up Artist

Louise Coughlan
Cast Handler

Ellis Mclintock
Cast Handler

Robert Siddle
Control Runner

Naveh Afergan
Stage Hand

Amelia Gorochowik
Stage Hand

Brandon Smith
Stage Hand

Harry Stark
Stage Hand