Mathematics Edexcel A level.

Why Maths ?!

Logically it makes sense….

You’ve got to enjoy maths, see the beauty in the logic and patterns, feel the thrill of solving page after page of proof and have the inbuilt drive to keep challenging yourself. With Maths, you know where you stand, there is a clarity in studying Maths, you know that you are right, there’s no room for discussion. Having said that there is plenty of opportunity for debate in the classroom, the simplest way to tackle a problem, the best application of this sort of Maths in the real world, who makes the best Pi!

Many employers highly value mathematics qualifications as it enables you to learn to think logically and analytically. Through solving problems, you develop resilience and the ability to think creatively and strategically. You develop excellent numeracy skills and the capability to process and interpret data, skills which are sought after in so many different areas. According to Which? Maths is the most desired A Level for the majority of University courses. Whether its engineering, computing, medicine, carpentry you name it A-Level maths will help you get there.

Paper 1: Pure Mathematics 1 (*Paper code: 9MA0/01)
Paper 2: Pure Mathematics 2 (*Paper code: 9MA0/02)

Each paper is: 2-hour written examination 33.33% of the qualification
100 marks

Content overview
● Topic 1 – Proof
● Topic 2 – Algebra and functions
● Topic 3 – Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane
● Topic 4 – Sequences and series
● Topic 5 – Trigonometry
● Topic 6 – Exponentials and logarithms
● Topic 7 – Differentiation
● Topic 8 – Integration
● Topic 9 – Numerical methods
● Topic 10 – Vectors

Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics (*Paper code: 9MA0/03)

2-hour written examination 33.33% of the qualification
100 marks

Content overview Section A: Statistics
● Topic 1 – Statistical sampling
● Topic 2 – Data presentation and interpretation
● Topic 3 – Probability
● Topic 4 – Statistical distributions
● Topic 5 – Statistical hypothesis testing Section B: Mechanics
● Topic 6 – Quantities and units in mechanics
● Topic 7 – Kinematics
● Topic 9 – Forces and Newton’s laws
● Topic 9 – Moments