Scripting and App Programming AQA Tech level.

Programming is a like learning a language based on logic and problem solving. But where does this meet creativity and user interaction, what happens when we get these elements all working together and what does it look like when companies get it wrong. 

If you are interested in developing a career in the world of coding and app design, this could be the course for you. 

The practical structure of the course means that application of skills is assessed along with knowledge. students leave this course to move onto a range of destinations. 

The learner will cover topics such as:
The theory, practices and concepts associated with programming solutions, designed and developed to meet client requirements
building high-quality coded applications for popular mobile devices across platforms
designing and building interactive websites and cloud-based applications that professionally meet client needs demonstrating using client-side and server

This qualification is made up of four mandatory units. All units must be successfully completed to achieve the full qualification.
Unit 1: Fundamental principles of computing External examination (Y/507/6424)
Unit 2: Computer programming External examination (F/507/6465)
Unit 3: Website technologies Internally assessed (M/507/6476)
Unit 4: Mobile applications programming Internally assessed (Y/507/6486)