Music Technology

Edexcel Music Technology BTEC (500/7844/6)
Subject Content

This unit looks at composition in its broadest sense. All composers deal with the same fundamental building blocks regardless of style or genre – generating musical ideas, exploring and developing those ideas, formalising those ideas into complete pieces and presenting the finished product in an appropriate format whether that be a printed form or a recording.
The unit explores a range of techniques at each stage in the compositional process. Learners are free to work within a range of styles, genres and instrumental resources (both acoustic and electronic). The focus is on experimentation and the practical exploration of compositional possibilities.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:
1    Be able to originate compositional ideas
2    Know how to extend, develop and manipulate musical material
3    Be able to appreciate the role and importance of the structural elements of composition
4    Be able to present a portfolio of compositions in an appropriate format.

Unit 9: Delivering a Music Product
Unit 17: Marketing and promotion in the Music Industry
Unit 25: Music Production Techniques
Unit 35: Sound Creation and Manipulation
Unit 39: The Sound and Music Industry