Music Performance Btec Subsidiary Diploma

Edexcel Music Performance BTEC (500/7844/6)

There is potential for the qualification to prepare learners for progression within education or into employment in the appropriate vocational sector and it is suitable for those who have decided that they wish to study in detail or work in a particular area of work.

This Course looks at composition in its broadest sense. All composers deal with the same fundamental building blocks regardless of style or genre – generating musical ideas, exploring and developing those ideas, formalising those ideas into complete pieces and presenting the finished product in an appropriate format whether that be a printed form or a recording.
The course explores a range of techniques at each stage in the composition process. Learners are free to work within a range of styles, genres and instrumental resources (both acoustic and electronic). The focus is on experimentation and the practical exploration.

Unit 7: Composing Music
Unit 40: Working and Developing as a Musical Ensemble
Unit 23: Music Performance Techniques
Unit 22: Music Performance Session Styles
Unit 43: Special subject Investigation
Unit 36: Studying Music from Around the World
Unit 33: Solo Music Performance Skills
Unit 30: Pop Music in Practise