English Literature



This course allows you to explore, discuss, analyse and evaluate a range of literature of all genres.

You will be expected to read at length, bringing your own insights to modern and classic texts, as well as exploring the texts from various literary theory perspectives. You will be preparing texts for examination and for coursework.


Literary Genres: Tragedy

In this unit, you study 3 main texts linked to the genre of tragedy: Othello, Death of a Salesman and poetry by John Keats. You will be assessed on these texts via examination in Y13.


Texts and Genres: Political and Social Protest

In this unit you will study three main texts for assessment via examination in Y13: Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. You will also be taught how to respond to a variety of unseen pieces of literature in preparation for an unseen passage in the examination.



Paper 1: Aspects of Tragedy (2 hour 30 minute exam - closed book) 40%

Paper 2: Texts and Genres (3 hour exam - open book) 40%

Coursework (2 essays) 20%



You will complete two pieces of coursework which explore potential meanings in literary texts using critical theory and ideas (e.g. Marxist criticism, feminism, post-colonialism…). You will apply two theories to texts of your own choosing. This allows you to be really individual and give original and personal insights into fascinating texts.


Entry requirements:  

GCSE English Literature - High Grade 5 or better


Future opportunities:

English courses offer entry to a wide range of further course and careers, including teaching, law, journalism and other writing professions. It provides you the opportunity to develop higher level thinking, discussion and writing skills, as well as exploring a wide  variety of topics and contextual settings