Music BTEC

Pearson BTEC L1/2

Music Btec can be taken as a music Tech course and a Music performance course. It is a well-rounded programme of study which prepares you for many aspects of work within the Music Industry. Students will focus on various areas of Performance, Composition, Musicianship and Professional Practice, all of which are essential skills for anyone wanting to work in the music industry.


At Elstree UTC, students have the opportunity to study Music Performance and Music Technology in a dynamic and creative environment. The BTEC courses are tailored to suit individuals in their chosen area, whether that's performance, composition, live sound or music product. The industry-standard studio allows pupils to go beyond the basics of sound recording and learn how to mix and master to a professional standard. Productions at Elstree combine all of the creative arts, and students work together to achieve outstanding performances, with everyone working behind the scenes.

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