Music BTEC

Pearson BTEC L1/2

This is a two year course that can be studied alongside other BTECs and A Levels. It is a well-rounded programme of study which prepares you for many aspects of work within the Music Industry. Students will focus on Performance, Composition, Musicianship and Professional Practice, all of which are essential skills for anyone wanting to work in the music industry.

Subject Breakdown

You will study the art of performance and be assessed not only on how you play but how much you have improved through your practice regime. You will perform as a soloist and as part of an ensemble to a live audience at a concert that you have helped to plan.

Units that will be taught for this qualification are;

  • Unit 1- The Music Industry- External assessment method.
  • Unit 2- Managing a music product- Internal assessment method.
  • Unit 4- Introducing music composition- Internal assessment method.
  • Unit 5- Introducing music performance- Internal assessment method.

Course Images