Film Studies GCSE



Subject Breakdown

Paper 1: Exploring Film
(external assessment)
30% of GCSE 1 hour 30 mins

Four compulsory questions focusing on one film genre. These questions will assess knowledge and understanding of film language and key industry and audience issues. The film genre will be set by the Awarding Body and will change every three years. 

  • Question 1: Response to a film extract chosen from the genre candidates have studied (questions based on film language)
  • Question 2: Response to genre elements to study, considering all aspects of film language 
  • Question 3: Response to aspects of the marketing and promotion of films 
  • Question 4: A series of creative tasks assessing the knowledge and understanding of films in relation to audience and industry 

Paper 2: Exploring Film outside of Hollywood
20% of GCSE 1 hour

Three compulsory questions on one film produced outside Hollywood, chosen from a list prescribed by the Awarding Body. Questions will be based on;

  • Characters, narratives, themes and issues in the film chosen
  • The way people, places, events and issues are represented in the film 
  • A creative question involving individual responses to the film (e.g reviews, blogs, website entries)

Controlled Assessment:
50% of GCSE

Two main items - a film exploration (two tasks) and a production (four tasks)

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