Dance Tech Level

AQA 8261


Subject Breakdown

This is a vocational course equivalent to one GCSE. 

The course will enable you:
to gain an understanding of the performing arts industry and vocational briefs
refine your dance technique skills refine your dance performance skills
develop your dance composition skills
develop your makeup design
to make critical evaluations about drama and dance, (verbal and written)
to develop presentation skills
to collaborate as a team
to meet performance deadlines

Units that will be taught for this qualification are: 

Unit 1: Exploring the Performing Arts • 36 GLH (guided learning hours) approx • 60 marks

Unit 2: Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts • Internally assessed • 36 GLH approx 

Unit 3: Performing to a Brief:  Externally assessed • 48 GLH approx • 80 marks 

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