Production Technology BTEC

Subject Intro

We love all of the magic that makes theatre, film and media possible. Sets, props, stage and lights. This course will provide students with a sound entry level knowledge in the backstage arts. Students develop evidence for a number of units which can be used as portfolio content. They work in a collaborative and productive environment which prepares them to work as part of a crew in addition to building confidence in technical skills. These skills range from Lighting, rigging and operating light desks to managing a small production.  

Work on this course often leads to students taking the course at a higher level, working with professionals and developing career options. As a performer or budding director you may be interested to have a sound understanding of the possibilities that technical production can offer an artist. 

'There is nothing better then knowing  that you made some magic possible due to team work, focus, knowledge and skill.' -- Course Tutor

Subject Breakdown

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