Production Makeup BTEC

BTEC First in Performing Arts (Technical Makeup)

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Subject Breakdown

Production arts practitioners have the imagination and creativity to transport an audience into another world. It’s important to understand how they do this successfully as it allows you to develop your own professional practice and understanding of features such as response to a script, venue, genre and purpose. In this course, you will investigate the work of influential production art practitioners. You will identify the factors that make them successful, as well as how the wider production team and other factors may influence their work. You will critically analyse key information such as methods of communicating creative intentions, technical aspects and processes used, production values and repertoire in order to develop and communicate independent judgements. This course will support your progression to higher education by developing your research, critical analysis and extended-writing skills. As a production arts practitioner you will need a good understanding of the work of influential practitioners to inform your own work and professional practice.

Understanding the importance of delivering to a design brief when carrying out Makeup is essential. In this course, you will design and realise a Makeup element in response to an externally-set design brief, reflecting some of the conditions, demands and time constraints of a professional environment. You will need to research and plan in response to the brief.

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