interstudio challenge


The next Interstudio Challenge is on the 5th April 2019...

Join us for a day of team building and puzzle solving as we race towards the end of the Spring 2 term. We will be hosting events throughout the morning before celebrating your achievements from the few months.

The following events will take place:

  • RuPaul’s Drag Race: Paper Edition
    (Rm 34/ABO)

  • Global Warming Campaign Challenge (Rm 25)

  • Football (Outdoors)

  • Table Tennis (PS2)

  • Elstree’s Lip Sync Bonanza Extravaganza (Rm 7/9)

  • Elstree Does Countdown (Rm 74/75)

  • Glam/Drag Make Up Challenge (Rm 38)

  • #PROJECTS Wheely-Chair Football (PS1)




Past Events

  • Autumn: 1st December 2017

  • Spring: 29th March 2018

  • Summer: 20th July 2018