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the industry school for the creative arts and multimedia production

welcome to elstree university techncial college

Please use the following maps to help direct yourselves around Elstree University Technical College. If you have any questions or are lost around our campus, please don't hesitate to ask a Subject Teacher or an EUTC Student.

stage one - ground floor

2016 09 22 MAP_S1_GroundFloor.png

Project Space One:

Performing Arts
Production Arts (Technical)
Production Arts (Make-Up)

Room 07:


Room 08:

Music Technology

Room 09:

Music Performance

stage one - first floor

Room 21:

Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

Room 24 (Elstree Studios Screening Room):

Pricipals Talk

Media Breakout:

Media & Communications

stage one - second floor

Room 34:

Art & UAL Art & Design)

Room 37:


stage two - ground floor

2016 09 22 MAP_S2_GroundFloor.png

Project Space Two:

Projects & Partnerships

Room 56:

Computer Science

Room 59:

Set & Prop Design

Room 60:


stage two - first floor

Room 67:


Room 70:


Room 75:


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