Students are required to be respectful and determine to succeed in their time here at the college. It is essential to the creation of a professional learning environment that students conduct themselves in a manner that contributes to the health, safety and well being of all members of the college community. The following code of conduct constitutes a series of non-negotiables that students must adhere to:

  1. We expect attendance to be a minimum of 95% with students punctual to all lessons and appointments.
  2. Act politely, respectfully and courteously to every member of the college community at all times whether inside or outside the classroom.
  3. Swearing and using foul or offensive language is totally unacceptable.
  4. Ensure that you are in the correct uniform and have all necessary equipment for your lessons.
  5. Always do as you are asked when you are asked by an adult member of the college community.
  6. Students are not to consume or be in possession of tobacco, aerosols, dangerous weapons, alcohol or illegal substances whilst at school, on the way to school or on school journeys/outings.
  7. Be a positive and resilient learner at all times.
  8. Treat the college equipment with respect at all times. Deliberate damage to property or damage caused by thoughtlessness, neglect or behaviour outside of our expectations will be invoiced to the parent/carer of the student(s) found responsible.
  9. Maintain a calm and mature demeanour around the college at all times. Movement around and use of space in the college should always be mindful of the open nature of the learning environment.
  10. Fighting or ‘play-fighting’ is not allowed under any circumstances
  11. Food and drink should only be consumed in the canteen.
  12. Keep our environment clean and tidy.
  13. Chewing gum is not permitted in any part of the college.
  14. Students should understand all items of value brought into school are their responsibility. The school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to student’s property.
  15. Students should not invite any member of the public into the school without the permission of a senior member of staff.
  16. It is an offence, under the law, to falsely set off a fire alarm. To do so can cause injury or death to people in the building and can result in permanent exclusion.
  17. If you have to leave class you should have a pass dated and initialled by a member of staff.
  18. You should remain on the college site during the day unless you have permission to leave from a member of SLT or the Pastoral team. If you leave the site you should sign out at the college reception.
  19. Appropriate use of the college’s ICT facilities is clearly outlined in the eSafety acceptable user agreement signed by all students and parents.
  20. The college reserves the right to take any reasonable action as a result of breaking its rules and regulations by any student, when he/she is on or off site, for example to and from college, content posted on the internet and college trips. This includes taking sanctions up to and including permanent exclusion for students whose actions bring the college into disrepute and/or where there is a link between maintaining good behaviour and discipline among the student body as a whole.

It should be noted that the College will not tolerate negative language or actions towards another member of the community and in particular regarding a person’s disability, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. Neither will it tolerate any kind or means of threatening behaviour, verbal or physical abuse of any member of the college community, involvement in drugs related incidents, possession of dangerous weapons or deliberate damage to college property. The consequences for breaches of such rules will be severe up to and including permanent exclusion from college.

This code of conduct constitutes a behaviour contract between students, their families and the EUTC. The emphasis at the EUTC is on the positive rather than the negative, building an environment of support to help young people achieve. When students work well within these high expectations they will make rapid progress and will benefit from the significant opportunities available here at the college. Positive behaviour from students will be recognised, appreciated and rewarded. It is also essential to the whole learning community that students who do not adhere to this contract are appropriately sanctioned in order that they learn and understand that negative behaviours will not be tolerated. All sanctions are designed to deter repetition of negative behaviour and to encourage consideration of the effect of behaviours on the EUTC Community. The ultimate consequence of not adhering to this code of conduct will be the loss of the place here at the college.

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