ICT including the internet, e-mail, mobile technologies and online resources are an important part of learning in our UTC. We expect all pupils to be safe and responsible when using any ICT. It is essential that pupils are aware of eSafety and know how to stay safe when using any ICT.

Pupils are expected to read and discuss this agreement with their parent/ carer and then to sign and follow the terms of the agreement. Any concerns or explanation can be discussed with any member of our SLT (Senior Leadership Team).

This document covers the acceptable use of the technology provided to all students at the Elstree UTC. Please read carefully.

  • I will solely use the UTC’s ICT systems including, the Internet, email, digital photo’s and video’s and all equipment including computers, tablets and camera’s for school work and projects only
  • I will not copy files on to the computers in the EUTC network without the permission of the teachers
  • I take full responsibility for the content of files on my area
  • I will not download or install software on UTC’s technologies
  • I will not bring any files on t o the network that could purposely cause problems to the computers and/or the network
  • I am aware that my actions are monitored, therefore I will not perform any sort of actions/hacking that may cause damage to the network
  • I will keep my login credentials (username, e-mail and password) completely secret, if I have forgotten or suspect someone else is logging on to my account, I will ask the IT Support to change my password for me
  • I will use the Internet responsibly and will not bypass the UTC’s Internet filtering system to visit web sites I know to be banned by the UTC. I am also aware that during lessons I should only visit web sites that are appropriate for my studies
  • All the emails I send will be polite and only related to the subject or the project I’m undertaking at the UTC
  • I will not e-mail inappropriate statements or messages to any fellow students, members of staff (including teachers) or anyone else
  • I will not open any attachments or download any file without permission unless I know and trust the person that has sent them
  • I will not send my personal details including my home address, phone number, photograph or video that could be used to identify me to anyone unless a teacher/staff has given permission to do so
  • If I receive an e-mail from anyone that I am unhappy with, I will not respond to it but instead will show the e-mail to a teacher or a member of staff
  • I am fully aware that my online activity at all times should not upset or hurt other people and that I should not put myself at risk

We have discussed this document with our child and we agree to follow the eSafety rules, in addition to supporting the safe use of ICT at Elstree UTC.

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