extended project qualification


The Extended Project Qualification offers opportunities for students to;

  • Make a significant contribution to the choice and design of an extended project and take responsibility either for an individual task or for a defined task within a group project.

  • Develop and improve their own learning and performance as critical, reflective and independent students

  • Develop and apply decision- making and problem- solving skills

  • Extend their own planning, research and critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills

  • Use their learning experiences to support their aspirations for higher education and/or career development

  • Transfer skills developed as part of their extended project to other areas of study

The student will develop an idea for a project that they wish to carry out and discuss their ideas with a supervisor.

Students will then;

  • Carry out research to enable them to sufficiently develop project aims and objectives to make a formal project proposal

  • Document their planning and research within the production log

  • Meet with the supervisor at specified meetings to discuss the project process and issues

  • Carry out the project by achieving the aims and objectives they set themselves

  • Prepare and give a presentation about the project product and process (including a question and answer sessions)

  • Evaluate the project process

  • Submit evidence for assessment (production log and project product)