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GDPR DATA NOTICE: Action is required.



Dear Staff,

The GDPR is clear that an indication of consent must be unambiguous and involve a clear affirmative action (an opt-in). It specifically bans pre-ticked opt-in boxes. This is why we have chosen to contact you with information about how we share your data with third parties our our use as a school.

Don’t worry, we do not share your information with any organisation that is not directly relevant and intrinsic to our work with you as a member of staff. Now that the GDPR is in place and we have contacted all of the following companies to ensure compliance, we are ready to request consent.

The following list provides you with information about the companies we currently use to support our work, We have information from each company indicating how they work within GDPR compliance. How information they are passed is minimised, collected and held securely with UK based cloud systems.

SIMS Data Management Information system (Capita SIMS)

This is the centralised database that holds all of our data securely on site

Part of this that needs consent due to enabling sims to email you updates and notices from college and access to a new feature released due to GDPR (A cloud based Parent app) which we are currently activating.


Exam Boards - Essential


To gain the required qualifications for courses we use a wide range of examination boards, these all require detailed and accurate information including some sensitive data about learning needs. At present these include: AQA, EDEXCEL/Pearson, Eduqas, UAL and OCR.


MINT Classroom (groupcall)

We use MINT to take registers, manage behaviour and achievement points and ensure that staff are up to date with data in our MIS (above). Its is a vital part of how we share information that is key to learning within our classrooms. We request permission due to the cloud based access they provide, they do not share any information they have access too. But they do store information we provide in UK based servers. They also use a secure synchronisation tool provided by a company called groupcall.


Google for Education


You are no doubt aware that we use the Google environment to make cloud based work and access to google classroom possible. Most of the work students and staff produce is stored on Google servers. As a third party we need to make you explicitly aware that using these tools means we share information in these third party servers.




We use this service to mail out about events, they hold a minimal record of contacts that are only accessed by our marketing team to contact you.


School Cloud systems (Parents evening app for booking) Non- Essential


We use this service to organised our Parent Consultation Evenings. This enables us to organise the parent night appointments with clear timetabled slots and avoids cross bookings and to stay in contact with messages where appointment times are difficult.


HR Online - Essential


We use this for booking holidays and time off for staff, it manages are training day absences, medical appointments and more. Staff use the App to book time off.


Parent Pay - Essential


We use this service to provide our cashless catering system. It is is the system we use to hold the accounts, personal details relating to parent and student links are shared to enable automated connection of accounts and till points.




It is vital that we receive consent to share your information at our discretion with these companies. These are not new services and this action enables us to continue to provide good communication with you and a high level of  safeguarding for you and the students in our care.

Please fill in the form below, failure to actively consent will require further contact from us to gain consent. If you have an issue with providing consent please get in contact so we can resolve concerns.




Staff, please fill in the form below to confirm that you are happy for EUTC to process and use your data:

Please note: A request to be removed from these services may hinder the colleges ability to provide the student with an equivalent service.

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