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If you have an urgent concern (particularly around student safeguarding) please contact Desrae Le Roux (Designated Safeguarding Lead -, Samantha Bailey (Deputy Safeguarding Lead/SENDCo -, Laura Magwood (Deputy Safeguarding Lead -, Chris Mitchell (Principal - or call  07398 474571

Notice to Visitors: Please do not park in the ‘Horizon Way’ housing complex behind Elstree University Technical College or on the road behind the school. The land is private and you may be fined if you choose to park there. If you wish to park on the EUTC site, please ring the buzzer on the gate upon your arrival.

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Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday
College opens at 7:30 am. College closes at 6:00pm.

College opens at 7:30 am. College closes at 15:00pm.


Elstree University Technical College
Studio Way
WD6 1WD (SatNav) or WD6 5NN (Postal)


Give us a call on 020 8386 6220  

When you call us, you will first be directed to our automated assistant:

Press 1 to report your child absent
Press 2 to contact Admissions
Press 3 to contact Student Services
Press 4 to contact the Finance Officer

Please hold for further information.
Our receptionist Francesca will be on hand to answer your queries.

If you know the extension for the office you wish to contact, dial it when you hear our automated assistant.


Please email us with any general enquiries at

If you are enquiring about admissions please contact

If you have any safeguarding concerns please contact:

In the event of an emergency or out-of-hours please contact Mr. Chris Mitchell or Ms. Desrae Le Roux.

If you are calling from the media or press please contact


Parking at EUTC

We have a large amount of guest parking around the rear of our campus. To access it, please take the 'Studio Way' exit on the first Elstree Way roundabout if you are coming down from Borehamwood or the second roundabout if you are coming from the A1. Take a right down 'Horizon Place'. Follow the road down until you reach a black security gate.

Please do not park on the private Horizon Way housing complex or rear road behind the school as you may be fined by the estate owner. The road and housing complex are monitored by CCTV.

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