Uniform Changes from September 2016

We are delighted to inform you that there will be some exciting changes to uniform from September 2016. The changes have come about from a desire to ‘smarten up’ the overall appearance of the students uniform whilst taking on board comments made by a range of stakeholders, particularly through the survey circulated earlier this year, in consultation with Elstree Student Voice and our associated industry partners.  The overall aim of which is to promote a professionally appropriate attire as part of the learning for success of young people here at the college.


As part of these changes, a smart jacket will be compulsory for Years 10 and  12.  We have designed the jacket to be professional looking with no visible external school branding making it suitable for interviews, any professional engagements or other formal occasions.  Unfortunately, this will not be available until the October half term and as such it may not be financially prudent for all of years 11 and 13 to purchase this item for their remaining two terms.  However, students in year 11 who are planning on staying into sixth form will be required to purchase a jacket and any 11/13 students who wish to purchase a jacket for this period of time may be eligible for a college buyback scheme at the end of their time with us.  It is also acceptable for those students in year 13 who bought a smart, black jacket in year one of the college to wear this in their remaining time with us.


Other changes to the uniform will see a higher quality t-shirt with an embroidered logo, this will be available in both a black version with a white logo and white version with a black logo.  The hoodie will no longer be an option at the college and this will be replaced by a grey crew neck jumper with a black logo.  These changes are being introduced to improve the current standard of uniform being worn by students in the college and to ensure that we have a professional, smart uniform that is followed consistently by all of our student body.  There are currently too many of our students taking too wide an interpretation of what constitutes acceptable college uniform replacing the college brand with various unsatisfactory substitutions, we are keen to eliminate any potential ambiguity on this and an updated uniform guide is on our website.  This change will ensure smarter standards of appearance from our students and crucially will mean that valuable staff time is not spent dealing with issues relating to problems with college uniform.


We have discussed the proposed changes with members of the Elstree Student Voice and the response from representatives has been extremely positive.  Students have been genuinely excited about the transition and have worked with the manufacturers at all stages of the design process to create a unique and bespoke look for the college.  The uniform is being manufactured and supplied by School Colours who supply to schools throughout the UK.  A web link will go live at the beginning of August on our college website that will take you to the Elstree UTC section of the School Colours shop.  The online store will enable you to buy all items necessary for September with two delivery options.  You can either pay for delivery to your address within 7 working days or organise a free delivery to the college, delivery days will be the first and third Wednesday of every month.


Careful consideration has been given to phasing in the changes as we appreciate that uniform is quite costly.  The increase in the quality of garments has inevitably meant an increase in cost but we have tried to keep this to a minimum and is largely due to sizes becoming adult and thus subject to VAT.  The biggest expense will be the jacket and this will not be available until the end of October.  Please find below the changes for college uniform and when they will be implemented: (Changes have been highlighted in bold)


Current Uniform New Uniform Change Compulsory Supplier
No Jacket Black Jacket Unbranded Yes From October half term Years 10/12 only (but available to all other years too) School Colours
Black Hoodie Grey Crew Neck Jumper w/Black Elstree Logo Yes From September 2016 All years School Colours
Black T-shirt Black T-shirt White logo and / or White T-shirt Black Logo Yes From September 2016 All years School Colours
Black Trousers/Skirts Smart and Professional Black Trousers/Skirts Smart and Professional No
Black Shoes - No White logos/soles Black Shoes - No White logos/soles No
Black PE Shirt Grey PE T-shirt Yes From September 2016 Years 10/11 EUTC
Black Shorts/Leggings Black Shorts/Leggings No

As you will see the main changes are the introduction of a formal jacket otherwise we have just smartened the existing uniform.  By making the top half smarter and more formal it is expected students will match this on the bottom half with no tracksuits or leggings.  We appreciate that in the academic year 2016-2017 there will be a period of transition as the new uniform comes online and it will not be applicable to all students but the desire to have a more professional dress code will help progress the college further.  As a college, we are very excited about this development and anticipate that it will make a huge improvement to the overall appearance of the Elstree uniform and students motivation. Thank you in advance for your support in taking this forward.