Guest Post: Bhavina's LEGOIDEAS EPQ Project

This update is a guest post from one of our students - Bhavina C. Bhavina has been working on a LEGOIDEAS set for her EPQ project. Please take a moment to read her post and support her by following the link and registering your approval.

I have taken a great deal of time and perseverance creating this LEGO set of BBC Strictly Come Dancing located at Elstree Studios, which I also had the great privilege  of being able to visit, with the help and support by many people Elstree University Technical College. 

With also drawing sketches of the real set and attempting several different combinations of bricks, until I concluded with a stable and simple solution; which still conveys all the key attributes of the real set.

I am sure many people and myself would love to see it as a real LEGO set in all of the LEGO stores worldwide. By helping me reach my target number of supporters on the site of 10,000 supporters.

Can everyone please click on the link and support this project:

Please get everyone one you know to go and support this project with using this link. 

Thank You!

........Don't forget: "Keep Dancing!"