Spotlight on EUTC [Summer 2017 - Issue 04]

What's happening at EUTC?

Week 3 of 7

This week we will be focusing on ensuring our Year 10's and 12's remain engaged in lessons whilst our Year 11 and 13 students continue with their exams. It is imperative that we continue to ensure Year 12 students are attending lessons - so please make sure they are heading to college every day. 

Please keep an eye on the final run of upcoming student exams at:

If your child is in Year 10 please take a look at their 'Mock Exam Timetable' at:

Year 10 Science Intervention


Please ensure your child attends the Year 10 Science Intervention over the following two weeks. It will take place at the following amended times - 8.00am - 9.00am and 3.50pm - 4.50pm on Wednesdays.

Alumni Celebration: Last Week

On Thursday 15th June 2017 we joined select members of the graduating class of 2016 to celebrate their achievements both at EUTC and in their endeavours beyond our school. 

If you are an Alumni of Elstree University Technical College, search for 'Charle Elstree' on Facebook and friend us. We will then add you to the Alumni group.

If you have not yet liked the EUTC Facebook page, head over to and like us today.

BBC Interviews

This week, students who have shown particular strength in production management will have the opportunity to interview for work experience at BBC Elstree. Students will be expected to attend college wearing smart attire, appropriate to the inteverview.

New York Trip: Meeting with Parents/Carers

This Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 we will be holding a meeting with parents about the New York Trip scheduled for next February. Check out your email account for further information. A letter has been sent home.

Exams this week

Monday 19th June
9.00 GCE AS 2hr AQA Tech Level H/506/6107 Fundamental Principles of Computing 77
13.00 GCSE 1hr 30 WJEC 155 0155/01 Film Studies 55/56

Tuesday 20th June
9.00 GCE A2 2hr AQA 7402 7402/2 Biology Paper 2 73
13.00 GCE A2 1hr 30 Edexcel 9371 6665 Core Maths 3 73

Wednesday 21st June
9.00 GCE 2hr AQA Tech Level M/507/6610 Business of Video Games
13.00 GCSE 1hr AQA 4230 42301 Dance Written: Critical appreciation of Dance 77

Thursday 22nd June
9.00 GCE A2 3hr AQA 7717 Paper 2 English Literature: Texts and Genres Elements of Political and Social Protest Writing 77
13.00 GCSE 1hr WJEC 0155/01 0155/02 Film Studies Paper 2 77/56

Friday 23rd June
9.00 GCE A2 2hr 30 Edexcel 9DR01 6DR04 Drama and Theatre Studies: Theatre Text in Context 77
9.00 GCE A2 1hr 30 Edexcel 9371 6666 Core Maths 4 73