DanceEast Trip by Jasmine N.

On the 12th of February, The Architects Dance Company and I went to  Ipswich for the wonderful experiences of performing at  DanceEast in the U.Dance competition. 

When we arrived at Ipswich,  we first went for a tech run on the stage in which we would be performing on. We got great feedback from the ambassadors of DanceEast as they really our piece.  

After the break, we were given a large space in which to rehearse and go over our dance. This was a great experience to have, especially as the likes of Akram Khan and Jasmin Vardimon had worked in the same place. 

This was followed up by a workshop with Avant Garde Dance Company. Which gave us an insight on what life was like when working in their professional company and giving us an opportunity to work with its dancers. The workshop presented many challenges however the company were very impressed with our ability, even recommend Ken to audition!

Once the workshop had finished we were guided back down to our break-out space where we got changed for the costume run. During the costume run we were able to watch and enjoy the powerful and beautiful choreography. One of the choreographies was by a teacher Mr. Marks had when he was a student. 

When dancing on the stage where many practitioners had performed before, I felt inspired and proud to perform. The dance was full of passion which had so much space to release itself and lights to show its enchant and energy. 

Being able to perform on that stage. Meet professional dancers with great experience of performing; compete against extremely inspiring dances and dancers sourced from all over the country. This was truly the experience of a lifetime that will never be forgotten.