College Dress Code: Message from the Principal


Dear Parents/Carers,

Re - Professional Dress Code

At the EUTC we are proud of our specialist learning community. A visible indication of this is the standard of students’ uniform and the pride they take in their professional appearance as members of EUTC.  The initial buy in to the new uniform in September was impressive and the professional look helped to create the purposeful environment that we aspire to.  However a combination of unfortunate factors including the delay in the production of the EUTC jacket has led to a decrease in the standard of student dress code around the college.    Outdoor garments are sometimes worn around the college and we are keen to restore the impressive and professional appearance of our students.

We wrote to you last month to explain that we were waiting for our suppliers to be ready and that while the EUTC jackets were unavailable, students would be permitted to wear a black jumper if they were cold.   We are pleased to announce that the jackets are ready and can be ordered.  The EUTC jumpers and t-shirts are also available through our website as before.  Please visit where you can find links to order the items you want.

Our uniform is black smart casual.  It is relaxed but also professional and appropriate to our industry specialism.  It is also layered to give students warmth and comfort but also allow for layers to be removed appropriate to task.  For example, jackets can be removed for practical lessons but worn around the campus, in theory lessons and during assemblies.  They are also unbranded and therefore perfect for job interviews or other formal settings like meeting potential industry contacts.  

We are therefore writing now to inform all parents that we are beginning from January 5th 2017 with full EUTC dress code expectations.  A full outline of the dress code can be found on our uniform guide by following the website link above.

By January it is expected that all of KS4 and year 12 will be in full uniform with the jacket being worn at all times.  If students fail to comply with the dress code, then they will be asked to rectify the situation or be sent home to change.  We will maintain a store of spare items in reception to enable students and families who are having a “bad day” to maintain high standards whilst they make the necessary arrangements. Should this be the case, please provide your child with a note explaining the situation and an indication of when the issue will be rectified (eg sole fallen off shoes, buying new ones tonight). All staff are asked to monitor uniform on a regular basis and to contact home should concerns arise. 

KS5 must wear all black whilst in the college environment any students failing to meet the expected dress code will be sent home.  Items such as hooded tops or branded items should not be worn at any time in the EUTC.  Any non-regulatory items will be confiscated every time they are seen and you will be asked to come in and collect them from main reception. We believe firmly that if our students are smartly dressed in the dress code consistent with the college policy, they will be prepared for work in the classroom and will achieve more highly. 

We will be enforcing this policy very strictly when we return in January. On the first day back (Thursday 5th January), we will check the dress code of all students on entrance. Any students not in the correct uniform will get asked to rectify the situation or be sent home to change. This will continue each day of that first week. We will contact you on each day when dress code is not correct. 

If any families are struggling to meet the costs of the college uniform, please contact us and we will look into your entitlement for financial support.  We will also run an installment payment scheme to allow the cost of uniform to be spread out.  Again, please contact us if this is of interest to you. 

We would like to thank you for your help in this first term, while we have had to wait for our suppliers.  We now ask, and thank you in advance for your support as we implement our full new dress code as planned.

Have a restful and restorative winter break and we look forward to welcoming our creative, professional and well-dressed young learners back in the new year.   

Yours faithfully

Chris Mitchell
Principal, EUTC