Spotlight on EUTC [Autumn 2016 - Issue 05]

We are currently running a charity campaign (‘Operation: Christmas Child’) for ‘Samaritan’s Purse’, donating shoe boxes filled with useful items for those in need. If you’d like to support this cause please visit and hand your shoebox into reception at EUTC for collection. Thank you.

Every Thursday period seven there will be intervention classes for year 11 and 12 in Production Make-up. Parents will be contacted on Monday if your child needs to attend these lessons. 

On Thursday, Nov 17th we will be shooting the trailer for our Marvel based SFX assessment entitled Super Villains for year 13. If any students are free periods 3/4/5/6 and wish to showcase their talents we will need the following;

Actors, Lighting Technicians, Stylists, a Camera Operator and Editors. If you are interested please get in contact with Miss Pring or Miss Mitchell. We are so proud of our talented students at Elstree UTC and hope we can all join together to make this the best Marvel Super Villain trailer yet!

An exciting partnership that launched this academic year was with The British Library. Our students have been working on a series of lectures by Rowan Williams, learning valuable production skills alongside industry professionals at EUTC and with the client. I'm sure you'll agree the students work is something to be proud of. We have more shoots coming scheduled so if any students would like to be involved please speak to Clare Deacon in the Projects and Partnerships department.

The next Elstree Film Club screening is imminent!

Whiplash (2014, Chazelle)

Monday 22nd November. 4:00pm - 6:00pm.
The Puttnam Suite (College Cinema) R24.

Contact Mr. Walker for more info. Join on Google Classroom: 9hxwl8

Whiplash (2014, Chazelle) is the exhilarating story of a student drummer who receives an invitation to join an elite jazz ensemble. However, he soon discovers that the formidable bandleader lives up to his reputation, with exacting standards and brutal teaching methods. The pair’s tense relationship, centres on the obsessive pursuit of perfection, and tests the limits of both men.

A point of reflection before you join us to watch the film is: To what extent do you think success is based on talent or hard work?

Upcoming Parent/Carer Evening dates are as follows: 

  • 8th December 5pm - 7pm - Year 11 Parents Evening
  • 12th January 5pm - 7pm - Year 13 Parents Evening
  • 19th January 5pm - 7pm - Year 12 Intervention Evening
  • 2nd March 5pm - 7pm - KS4 Intervention Evening
  • 30th March 5pm - 7pm - Year 12 Parents Evening
  • 8th June 5pm - 7pm - Year 10 Parents Evening

Next week we have three events for our post 16 students linked with the University of Hertfordshire

On Tuesday 22 November we are welcoming Steve Hunt, Principal Lecturer from the School of Creative Arts to talk to our year 13 students on Further Education in Creative Arts. This will be from 11:15am in the Puttnam Suite.

On Wednesday 23 some of our music students will be attending the University for a guest lecture with Gareth Jones. 
Gareth makes noise in the Art Lab at Strongroom in London. He is a huge modular analogue synth enthusiast, and has worked with a massive selection of artists, including making 5 LPs with Depeche Mode, and another 5 with Erasure. He has a stack of Gold Discs and whilst he now works mainly with a digital toolkit, it’s well informed by ‘Analogue Soul’ following 20 years work with analogue consoles, synthesisers and tape machines.

On the morning of Thursday 24 November the lead Photography lecturer will giving help and advice on putting together a year 13 portfolio (students have been informed by Miss Thwaites).