School Uniform and Cold Weather

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am writing to you to give you an update with regards to our UTC uniform and the cold weather. There has been a further delay in the delivery of our new uniform (jackets and jumpers) from our supplier and we recognise that winter has begun to set in early in November.  We do have heating of course and classrooms are on individual thermostats so that we are able to control temperatures in classes.  However, it is harder to ensure a consistent heat level in large project and break-out spaces.  We have checked all break-out spaces today and the temperature is significantly above minimum guidelines but we are aware that, as students come in and out, temperatures can fluctuate and while we wait on the appropriate uniform items, students need to keep warm.  These large spaces are usually up to appropriate temperatures by break time.

Therefore, we have set the date of 5th January 2017 where all students are expected to have purchased the new EUTC jumper and jacket. Until then we would like to ask for the following in order to keep students both comfortable and professionally smart and appropriate:

·       Students can wear a long sleeve t-shirt/vest underneath their EUTC t-shirt

·       Students can wear a black jumper (please no hoodies) if they do not have the EUTC jacket or EUTC jumper yet.

·       We recommend big winter coats to and from college but these should be removed inside the building – lockers are available for students if they wish. 

We want students to understand that they are representatives of our institution and as such need to dress accordingly on the way to college, and whilst in college studying.  As a UTC we are always keen to model the professional standards required of successful employees including dress code and punctuality.

We thank you all for supporting the college as we continue to raise the professional standards our college and the successes of our learners.

 Yours Faithfully, 

Ben Rice, Assistant Principal

Ben Rice