Arrangement affecting the college day

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Arrangement affecting the college day on 13th October 2016 at 4.30pm until 9pm

I am writing to inform you of a change to college opening hours on 13th October 2016. In order to facilitate the EUTC Open Evening for prospective new students and their families, EUTC will be closing at 1.30pm. This is so that the college can be set up for all our new visitors. Unless you son or daughter is involved in our open day event, they will need to leave college by 1.30pm

Please note that there will be lessons as usual until lunch break. The canteen will be open for students who are entitled to Free School Meals only.

Our Open Evenings are always big events and we have a vast array of student participation within departments each year. Each subject will be asking students to help in their area by demonstrating to prospective parents what they study in that subject area. If your son/daughter is asked to assist with a department, or as a tour guide or helper, then you will receive a separate letter and permission slip for your signature. If your daughter or son would like to be involved, they should speak to their teachers.

As we look forward to this Open Evening, if you have any friends or colleagues whose children might like to attend, please let them know. We have attached our flyer to provide more information. We know that Elstree UTC is a great option for a lot of young people who have a passion for the Multimedia, Production Arts and Entertainments industry. As a new college (now in our 4th year) we want to ensure that more of these young people are aware of the specialist education we provide. Our impressive results over the summer put us in the top 5% of most improved schools nationally and so we are keen to raise our profile. Please share the flyer and check in with our Facebook and Twitter campaigns so that we can grow and improve together.

Thank you for supporting our open day and the continued development of Elstree UTC.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Mitchell
Principal EUTC