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world book day 2018

World Book Day is on Thursday 1st March this year. To celebrate the day and to encourage and promote the
reading of books and literature within the student body, Elstree UTC are organising activities for students to get
involved within and outside of lessons.

We are asking students to dress up as their favourite literary character on the day, with prizes for the most well
thought out characters. Students will need to bring the book along with them as well as their costume.

As well as these events we are starting a ‘Donate a book campaign’, where we would like to encourage the
donation of a book to the student library. Leading up to the day students can drop off their book at reception. On
the day of World Book Day these books will then be placed around the school for students to find, pick up, read
and pass on. After the event they will be collected and kept in the school library. The idea is to pass on a book that
they have found interesting/entertaining/enchanting, etc. so that someone else can enjoy it just as much as they
have. Books can include fiction/non-fiction/biography and even comics and graphic novels (as long as they are age